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We are on a mission to provide: convenient on-site quality oral health care & education for all

We are a team of qualified dental professionals on a mission to provide convenient on-site Quality Oral health care & Education for all! Our aim is to create an IMPACT on our patients by breaking their fear of the dentist & educating them on oral health habits that stick with them for life.

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Impact Mobile is on a mission to provide: convenient on-site quality oral health care & education for all

As part of promoting dental health awareness among children, IMDS believes that organizing dental campaigns in schools can be an effective way to educate and encourage good oral hygiene habits. We are trying to incorporate our little contribution to the heaps of education you as teachers provide them.  These events can have several benefits for both the students and the school community. 

Provide your students with the essential education they need!

Promoting good oral hygiene habits is important for the general health and well-being of children. By arranging dental campaigns in schools, Our team at IMDS is trying to instill healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Welcome Impact Mobile Dental Clinic to your school for promoting oral hygiene in your students. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

IMDS brings Oral Health Education to your Kid!

As a part of our commitment to promoting good oral hygiene and overall health, we will be organizing dental campaigns in the schools for the benefit of your children. 

The dental campaign will provide your child with access to dental checkups and educational materials about good oral hygiene practices. By participating in the campaign, your child can learn about the importance of brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups, as well as identify and prevent dental problems early on.

We pride ourselves to be one of 2 accredited mobile dental clinics in Australia. We obtained our accreditation from the Australian Dental Association (ADA). We also pride ourselves on maintaining the highest infection control lean at our headquarters in Sydney, by the Australian Dental Association Guidelines. 

Some benefits of participating in the dental campaign include improved oral health, reduced pain and discomfort caused by dental problems, increased confidence in their smiles, and reduced absenteeism due to dental-related issues.

We encourage you to talk to your child about the importance of good oral hygiene habits and to ensure that they participate in the dental campaign. 

Please fill out and return any consent forms that are required for your child to participate.  Thank you for your cooperation in promoting good oral health habits for your child.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Be a Part of IMDS Dental Journey

For all future leaders, IMDS organize dental campaigns to encourage good oral hygiene habits and help prevent dental problems. The campaign is highly interactive and motivating for the students, brings them together and focuses on developing personal character and a sense of value among them. 

Participate and get: 

Also, get to learn about our unique Dream Smiles program where we help students discover their dreams & improve their smiles!

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Contact Us