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IMDS partners with Smile Collective Dental Couture, conveniently located within the Roselands Health Hub on Canterbury Road.

About Smile Collective Dental Couture

We are a collective of experienced, passionate, dedicated, and holistically minded dentists, dental practitioners, dental specialists and skin therapists on a mission to help you smile! We believe that everyone is unique and deserves to be treated comprehensively and holistically. No 2 smiles are the same, and hence no 2 treatment plans should be the same!

We assess each individual needs separately, and take photographs, the required x-rays, and 3D scans so that we’re able to assess your dental needs holistically! Our experienced and highly specialized facial aesthetics therapist offers a range of facial aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, hydro-facial, and micro-needling to enhance your complete smile, inside and out.

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Toothache is the worst type of pain experienced!! Coupled with the fear of the dentist & covid-19 restrictions, it can make visiting the dentist a daunting task! This is where we step in to help you! Our team of accredited and highly qualified dentists can arrange a tele-consultation with you. This is followed by a report with the treatment options which you can choose from!

Dental emergencies require immediate action to ensure the best possible outcomes. Contact Us so we can help determine your dental emergency.We will discuss your dental history and then have a consultation with you to discuss possible treatment options.



Tooth, Teeth, Gums and Mouth

cracked tooth


Tooth, Teeth, Veneers, Fixtures



Object stuck in gums or teeth



Tooth, Teeth, Knocked out

gum bleed


Gums,Lips, Mouth

severe pain


Gums, Lips, Mouh

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