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Here are the facts:

Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease – 5X more common than asthma

3 out of every 5 children are affected by tooth decay

Only 60% of CBDS-eligible children get any kind of dental care

Only 20% of Australian dentists provide care to people with the CBDS

4 million children lack access to basic dental care

impact mobile dental

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recognises this crises and endorses School-Based Mobile Dental Services. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has voiced its support for school-based dental care and recommended stronger language for a provision in federal legislation that supports mobile and portable dental services

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Preventive Care

Oral Treatment

Fissure Sealent

How to spread the word to parents?

1. Include the date in the yearly childcare calendar so parents know!

The beginning of the year during ‘kindergarten round up’ season is the best time to get parents to complete the dental permission form. Don’t forget to put the dental permission form in your kindergarten round-up/enrolment packet. We can supply you with the consent forms before the beginning of the year to get you ready for the next calendar year’s visit

2. Posters:

We will email you a poster with the forms which can be put around your center or sent to the parents directly via email!**Activity idea: Use the resources we provide to decorate the wall in your childcare about the dentist visit! Take a photo and send it to us! Showcase the creativity of your students and inform the parents about our visit at the same time

3. Parent meetings:

Parent meetings are a great way to let parents know that the dentist is visiting their center!

4. Email / Social Media announcements:

Email parents 2 months before our visit, 1 month and send out a reminder 2 weeks before we arrive! We can provide you with templates and social media posts that you can send out! You can link our website at for a link to digital eForms and resources.

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