Fissure Sealants - What are they?

How to protect your child’s teeth?

Run your tongue across the chewing surface of your molars. Can you feel all the bumps and grooves called “pits and fissures”?
Well, these areas just so happen to be perfect for trapping food and plaque, which can cause tooth decay. Although brushing twice a day.

Fissure sealants are a safe and painless way of protecting your children’s teeth from tooth decay. It is a plastic coating that covers the chewing surfaces of the back of adult teeth. The sealant forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth. Sealants are quick, painless, and easy to apply. They are made of a white or clear plastic
material, which flows into the fissures and then is set using a special dental light. Once they are set, they can’t be seen when you talk or smile.

Sealants are very important to avoid the dilemma of tooth decay and the worst scenario is tooth extraction. Like anything in life, they still maintain with your dentist every 6 months to ensure they are intact and in place.

fissure sealent

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